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Terms and Conditions

Here ls a summary of Terms for al catered events.

Upon booking a more detailed  Contract will follow.
All events require 8 signed Contract and B 35% deposit to hold the dale. The balance due must be paid in full on the day of event upon completion of services trnless prior arrangements have been made. If payment in full is not received on the date of the event. surcharges will be applied.

  • Types of Payment include: cash, credit cards, bank checks, & business/personal check drawn on local banks
  • A guaranteed minimum head count is required upon booking 8. the final head count 7 days before event. The guaranteed number is the MINIMUM number for which you will be billed. After receive the final head count you may add to it unto the day before your event with the exception of lobster count which can only be added up to 3 days in advance of your event.
  • All pricing is subject to appropriate state tax. Additionally for on-site catering at your location (full buffet service) a 20% taxable Bullet Service Fee will be applied. This is not a gratuity. but the fee for on-site cooking & buffet Service.
  • Full Bullet Service Includes: staff cooking 8. serving equipment utensils, on-site cooking & buffet service to guests condiments quality disposables. bullet tables 8. coverings (linens) beverage  (when beverage service ordered) trash cans with liners and complete buffet cleanup.
  • Customer must provide guest tables w/ table coverings chairs. and trash disposal. We can assist you with rental arrangements
  • On site accessibility to catering truck is required. Additional charges may apply for unusual or time-consuming requests.
  •  For events requiring travel over a 50 mile round trip, a travel charge will apply.

If you have questions about anything, please don‘t hesitate to contact us.
We re here for youl